How Using Natural Remedies Can Give You Better Sexual Health

Sexual Health

As everyone knows diet and nutrition are important to health. What you may not realize however is that it is important to a woman’s sexual health as well. As a woman ages her hormone levels decrease. Her libido plummets into nothingness. One option available to treat this is hormone replacement therapy but this is not the only option available. If a woman chooses not to use hormone replacement therapy they can often help themselves by paying very close attention to their diet.

Diets that are high in fat in addition to being bad for your heart are also bad for your sexual well-being. When your arteries are clogged it restricts your blood flow, which restricts it everywhere, including to the sexual organs. Therefore, sexual performance will not be at its peak. The foods that you want in your diet are those that are high in magnesium, potassium, Vitamin E, zinc, niacin, and amino acids.

Fruits and vegetables are not only good for you but they lower cholesterol, and stimulate the blood flow to your body’s organs. Fiber and healthy starches keep your heart healthy and pumping strong. When the heart is healthy and pumping strong it only makes sense that the sexual stamina will be increased. Whatever you may be missing can be supplemented by taking vitamins which can increase sexuality by increasing your energy levels, boost your circulation, and give you an overall sense of well being.

Better Sexual Health

When you are stressed and exhausted the first thing on your mind is not sex, in fact, it is likely the last thing on your mind. So it is important to get adequate sleep and to decrease your stress level. One way to reduce your stress level is to take a nice hot bath, meditate, by doing yoga, or even by reading a good book. The use of scents and message oils and other lubricants can also help in creating a nice relaxing message but also a much more pleasurable experience all around. When a woman has an orgasm she is concentrating on everything that she is feeling, everywhere so it is important that she be feeling good all over.

Of course, eating right and exercising is not just for the woman but can add to a man’s sexual health as well. Men can also experience changes in their sexual health as well. Their changes are experienced due to illness, fatigue, medications, and/or diseases. A diet that is high in fat for a man can also lead to cardiac complications as it can with a woman and with the same results. Actually, the results can possibly be even more devastating because the man may not be able to experience an erection due to lack of blood flow. By adding fish and foods high in protein and low in fat to the man’s diet is an excellent way to get a man’s sexual health back on track.

Sexual HealthThe prostrate depends highly on zinc for maintain sexual health. Zinc comes from fish and shellfish like oysters and clams. Vitamin E is known as the sex vitamin because it helps promote longer harder erections.

The reason the exercise is good for sexual health is because of the blood flow and the fact that it keeps you healthy. It makes you ready for a good, healthy sexual experience. Working out reduces your stress level. An orgasm reduces your stress level. So both your physical and sexual exercise are benefiting your healthy lifestyle.

Niacin constructs the sex and adrenal hormones. If you take it as a vitamin supplement it will mimic the natural flush that you get from sexual excitement. It will release the same hormone that is released when we are sexually aroused. It dilates the blood vessels, allowing for more blood flow which in turn allows for more sexual pleasure.

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